Selling to the government can require finding appropriate bid opportunities and submitting a competitive proposal in order to win an award, but carrying it out effectively can be difficult with everything else you have going on.

Our Bid, Proposal and Award program has three main offerings to help move your business through this process:

1. We’ll find the best bid opportunities for your business

There are tens of thousands of bids available through local, state and federal government, and we’ll scan through all of them to find the best options for your business.

From those request for proposals (RFPs) and request for quotes (RFQs), we’ll guide you on how to create the most competitive proposal for your products and services.

2. We’ll assist with the responses for RFP and RFQ opportunities

During Government Contract Services Bid, Proposal and Award Agreement’s term, we will walk your team through responding to RFPs and RFQs. We review the requirements for each proposal and ensure that all the information being requested is included and presented in a way the government will understand or is requesting.

Proposals can contain immense amounts of paperwork, and a simple mistake can lead to rejection. Our team is highly experienced in this area and knows how to check for and avoid common mistakes. We’ll make sure your proposals are on time and submitted properly in order to ensure success.

3. We’ll handle the contract administration for the bids you win

Our team will handle all of the paperwork and negotiations for any contracts you win under our Bid, Proposal and Award Program.

If you’re not awarded a contract, we’ll request a debriefing from the Contracting Officer to understand why your business was not selected. This will help both our team and yours know what to do differently next time.

Our Bid, Proposal and Award program is renewable upon mutual agreement by your business and Government Contract Services. Our team is compensated by an annual fee and a small percentage of the amount of the contracts you win during your time in the program.

We’ll Help You Through the Bid, Proposal and Award Process to Make Sure You’re Always Successful

We’ve been helping clients manage their relationships with the government since 1990. Your team won’t have to worry about paperwork, negotiations or confusing government language. At Government Contract Services, we take care of the hard work for you.

Our team guides clients to successful GSA schedules in a wide variety of industries. Have questions? We’ve got answers. We can help your team better understand the process of selling to the government with our resources.

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