The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) fosters fair international trade with TAA compliant countries. If you are interested in joining the world of government contracting through a GSA Schedule, it’s important that you know what countries are off limits. Countries that are included within the Trade Agreements Act are the ones from which the U.S. Government is allowed to purchased goods and services through the GSA schedule program. Goods and Services must be produced or go through a “substantial transformation” in a designated country to be eligible.

As part of GSA Schedules, companies who are awarded a contract are expected to have all their products originate from the U.S. or one of the TAA compliant countries.

TAA compliant countries are typically something you should pay attention to if you’re going to be selling foreign-made products to the government. The TAA refers to “end products” from TAA compliant countries, which means they’re sold to the government virtually unchanged.

There are over a hundred TAA compliant countries, so it might not be an issue for your business to stay within the regulations. However, countries like China, Russia, Pakistan and Malaysia  are all on the restricted list, meaning you could come under fire if you sell their products.

The penalties for failing to comply with the TAA can be anywhere from a hefty fine to exclusion from government contracting depending on the severity of the offense.

If you’re looking for assistance navigating TAA compliant countries, we can help. Our team of experts will learn about your business and help you understand how the TAA is going to affect you. We’ll make sure you always remain in good standing by keeping your compliance in check.

TAA Compliant Countries Are Easy to Understand With Our Help

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