Federal Small Business Certifications

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Federal Small Business Certifications

Do you know if your business qualifies for a small business certification? If you're interested in obtaining a contract to sell to the government, having a small business certification gives you the opportunity to take advantage of RFPs and RFQs specifically set aside for small businesses. Many small businesses miss out on their chance to earn their share of government contracting simply because they don't get certified.

In this free guide, you'll get the information you need to determine whether a small business certification is right for your situation, as well as why becoming certified is so important for small businesses.

You will learn:

  • What certification your business may be eligible for
  • What is required of your business to get a certification
  • What benefits your business can gain
  • How set-asides work for small businesses
  • How to verify your certification on the System for Award Management (SAM)

Download your free copy today to learn how to take advantage of special government contracting opportunities for small businesses.

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