Local, state and federal agencies represent BILLIONS of dollars of annual sales opportunities. Selling to government buyers differs from the commercial realm and requires a specialized approach. Government Contract Services puts a team of contracting experts in YOUR corner to consult, advice and assist in finding the RIGHT contract opportunities for YOUR business, always keeping focus on YOUR profitability.

Bid & Proposal Development

  • Identify & Review Request For Proposals (RFP) specific to YOUR business
  • Custom Designed opportunity searches sent directly to YOU
  • Solicitation requirement outlines to simplify the process
  • Technical writing assistance and reviews
  • Competitive analysis and historical reports to streamline opportunity strategizing
  • Consultative communication that empowers YOU to understand the requirements, process and outcomes

Competitive Pricing Analysis

  • In-depth review of YOUR sales and customers
  • Define who your “Most Favored Customer” REALLY is
  • Research detailing competitors pricing, terms and conditions

FedMall – DOD Procurement Contract

The DOD, collectively, represents the largest volume of government buying dollars. FedMall is an eCommerce tool exclusively created for DOD buyers.

  • Comprehensive review to determine contract eligibility
  • Completion of all required registrations, documents and templates
  • Consulting/training on contract best practices for success

Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs)

Contracts in which multiple government agencies align their needs and purchase a contract for goods or services. Each GWAC solicits the participation of a limited number of vendors within a certain industry, socio-economical status or other described group. Awarded vendors will be the sole providers of goods or services under these contracts.

  • GWACs Include:
      • 8 (a) STARS: IT contract for small, disadvantaged companies (certified 8 (a))
      • VETS 2: IT contract set aside specifically for Service disabled veteran owned companies
      • Alliant 2 (A2) & Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB): IT contract for qualified vendors
      • OASIS – Professional Services contract set aside for certified small businesses
  • Comprehensive business review to determine YOUR eligibility
  • In-depth contract strategy development
  • Technical proposal preparation
  • Detailed outlining and customized templating to streamline YOUR input requirements

GSA Global Supply

Global Supply is a wholesale supply source to government and DOD buyers worldwide.  Government customers benefit from leveraged/negotiated pricing and administrative savings through approved vendor offerings.

  • Comprehensive review to determine contract eligibility
  • Completion of all required registrations, documents and templates
  • Consulting/training on contract best practices for success

Joint Ventures

Two or more small businesses may together to form a joint venture in order to compete for a contract award. A joint venture of multiple small businesses still qualifies for small business set-aside contracts if its documentation meets SBA requirements.

  • Assistance determining Joint Venture eligibility
  • In-depth strategy development focused on contract award
  • Guided proposal writing to create a technically acceptable offering

Mentor Protégé

Small businesses can gain access to government contracts through the experience and larger offering capacity of a larger, mentor business.  Mentors can gain access to small business, 8(a) or other set asides contracts through their protégé companies.

  • Eligibilty determination assistance
  • Guidance and assistance with proper program documentation
  • Assistance with all required submissions and verifications

Which contract opportunities make sense for YOUR business? What steps are required to procure government contracts? Where do you begin?

Let us walk you through YOUR options and assist you in procuring government contracts that are impactful and profitable to YOUR business. Our team of Contracting Experts brings you the experience and insights necessary to move forward with confidence. Make OUR team part of YOUR team!

"We highly recommend Brian Purgert and his team at Government Contract Services, Inc. to any organization in need of assistance with the GSA Schedule Program or any other processes involved in the marketing of their services to the U.S. Government."

Richard Collins,
Vice President,
Roofing Resources

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