GSA Schedule 23 V applies to all kinds of motor vehicles and accessories from law enforcement vehicles to dump trucks.

Federal agencies use this schedule to find all types of vehicles and vehicle parts, and on average GSA Schedule 23 V purchases amount to $1 billion of total GSA Schedule spending.

Your business falls into GSA Schedule 23 V if you manufacture or provide products in any of the following categories:

  • Fire Trucks and Attachments
  • Law Enforcement Vehicles and Attachments
  • Special Vocation Vehicles and Attachments
  • Aircraft Ground Support Vehicles and Equipment
  • Furnishing and Installation of Attachments and Upgrades for Emergency Vehicles
  • Leased Heavy Duty Vehicles and Attachments
  • General Automotive Maintenance and Repair
  • Automotive Body and Repair
  • Trailers and Attachments
  • Low Speed Vehicles, Gas or Electric
  • Miscellaneous Vehicle Accessories
  • Utility and Telecom Construction Equipment and Accessories
    • Includes Service and line body trucks, personnel lifts, digger derricks and cable placers
  • Construction Equipment and Accessories
  • Snow Maintenance Equipment (Vehicle Mounting)
  • Vehicular Cranes and Attachments
  • Snow Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment and Attachments
  • Forestry, Mulching, Brush Cutting, and Land Clearing Equipment and Attachments
  • Street Repair Equipment and Attachments
  • Spare Components and Equipment for Sedans, Light, Buses, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Re-manufactured Automotive Components
  • Waste Disposal Vehicles and Attachments
  • Fuel and Petroleum Tank Trucks and Accessories
  • Water Tank Trucks and Accessories

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