GSA Schedule 73

Using a GSA Schedule 73 to Deliver Your Food Service, Hospitality, and Cleaning Services to the Public Sector

Over the years, businesses have found that one of the most lucrative ways for them to grow and expand their customer base is to break into the billion-dollar world of government contracts. Government contracts are used for more than purchasing products and supplies, however. They’re also necessary for providing services to government agencies. Government contracts are a necessary part of arranging food, cleaning, and hospitality services to people in the public sector.

In order to secure a government contract, a business must first be approved for a GSA Schedule. A boon to both sellers and buyers alike, GSA Schedules are an important way to introduce businesses into the government contracts market. They provide buyers with a government-approved list of sellers while giving straightforward access to necessary information and pricing.

What is a GSA Schedule 73?

There are GSA Schedules to cover nearly every aspect of government supplies and services, from automobiles and industrial solutions to the provision of healthcare. The GSA Schedule 73 specifically covers the food service, hospitality, and cleaning industries. These products are necessary to keep government facilities running smoothly and improve the lives of government employees, citizens, and visitors alike.

What Products Are Covered Under GSA Schedule 73?

The products covered under GSA Schedule 73 include those used for food preparation and dining, medical and housing, as well as an endless number of other facilities in the public sector.

Items in the following categories are included:

Chemicals and Chemical Products. This covers a wide variety of chemicals used in facilities from hospitals to office buildings.

Cleaning Equipment and Accessories, Cleaning Chemicals, Sorbents, and Janitorial Supplies. Keeping things clean is key to running any organization, whether it’s food- or service-oriented. The government has a need for a large amount of cleaning supplies in order to keep its facilities neat and tidy.

Toiletries, Personal Care Items, Linens, Lodging, Hospitality Supplies, Services and Hospitality Wear. The government sector includes all manner of establishments, from office buildings to barracks and hospitals. Contracts are necessary to secure items such as toilet paper, soaps and shampoos, bedding, and appropriate uniforms for staff members.

Food Service Equipment, Supplies and Services, and Recycling Collection Containers and Waste Receptacles. From military bases to the highest levels of the government, staff members need to be nourished and facilities must have receptacles for proper disposal of waste.

How Do I Apply for a GSA Schedule 73?

If you’re ready to break into the $40 billion-dollar government contract market, applying for a GSA Schedule 73 is an excellent step towards success.

Before starting the lengthy application process, it’s important to make sure that your company is eligible to receive GSA Contracts. To be eligible, you must be able to prove that the company is financially stable. It must have been in operation for at least two years. It also must provide products that are currently commercially available. In addition to all of this, GSA-approved companies must be compliant with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA).

How to Avoid Issues in the GSA Schedule 73 Application Process

The GSA application process is an arduous one — time-consuming and full of excruciating detail. In order to be approved, a business must submit dozens of pages of information and ensure that it’s all accurate. Companies are often rejected due to not paying attention to eligibility requirements, inadvertent errors in their paperwork, or missing important deadlines in the process.

TAA compliance is another common GSA Schedule pitfall. In order to be TAA compliant, you need to be certain that all of the products you sell are sourced from TAA-approved countries. Which countries are on the restricted list? China, Russia, Pakistan, and Malaysia are not TAA-compliant, so selling products from any of these places will get your application rejected.

The easiest way to avoid pitfalls when seeking a GSA Schedule 73 is to work with an experienced government contracts consultant. Government Contract Services has over 25 years of knowledge in the government contracts field. We can answer your questions and handle the entire process for you from start to finish.


At Capitol 50 Consultants Inc the team has specialized in helping businesses have successful relationships with the government for over 25 years. Looking for a hassle-free path to winning a government contract? We’ve got you covered.


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