GSA Schedule 51V

Using a GSA Schedule 51V to Supply the Federal Government With Hardware Products

If you’re a supplier of hardware, you likely have a brick-and-mortar store or warehouse where you work with individuals and construction companies to sell them the goods they need. You may have even expanded your business to online sales in order to increase your bottom line.

If you haven’t looked into securing government contracts, however, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. The GSA Schedule 51V allows you to bid on government contracts and secure lucrative deals selling hardware supplies to government agencies.

What Is GSA Schedule 51V?

GSA Schedule 51V is a wonderful resource for government agencies; a virtual one-stop shop for a wide variety of hardware solutions. If your business is approved for this schedule, you’ll be eligible to negotiate contracts to sell your products in this capacity.

What kinds of product categories are covered under GSA Schedule 51V? Domestic and import appliances are eligible. Also included are a wide variety of commercial coatings, adhesives, stains, sealants, shellacs, lacquers, applicators, and related services. If you sell woodworking, metalworking, or lawn and garden equipment or machinery, your products are covered. GSA Schedule 51V also includes a variety of tools and toolkits, as well as animal deterrents, and much more.

How Does GSA Schedule 51V Work?

The purpose of GSA Schedules is to connect government buyers with a pre-approved list of vendors of a variety of goods and services. That’s why the government pre-negotiates all prices in order to get the “most favored customer” pricing from all contractors.

How Can I Apply for GSA Schedule 51V?

Getting on the GSA Schedules program is an intense and time-consuming process, but with approximately $40 billion being spent each year in federal procurement, it’s a process that’s well worth it for a small business.

In order to apply for a GSA Schedule 51V, your business needs to meet the following criteria. It must:

  • Currently be Financially stable
  • Be at least two years old
  • Provide commercially-available products
  • Be compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA)

If your business is eligible, you can begin the application process. Keep in mind that a GSA Schedule application is incredibly detailed, requiring anywhere from 200 to 300 pieces of information and ranging from 20 to 30 pages of paperwork.

How Government Contract Services Can Help You Avoid Common Pitfalls

Because the application process is so strenuous and time-consuming, many businesses find themselves falling into pitfalls that are common for those seeking approval for government contracts. A single, seemingly insignificant error on your application can cause it to be denied. Another common problem is applications being submitted after the deadline.

That’s why many businesses secure the advice and service of a consultant to help them through the GSA Schedule 51V application process. For years, Government Contract Services has worked with clients to help them navigate through the bewildering world of government contracts.

How can we help? First, we take care of the mountain of paperwork so that you can focus on running your business. Of course, we’ll still need a bit of information from you, but with our assistance, you’ll only need to complete around 6 to 10 pages of paperwork.

In addition to taking on the bulk of the paperwork, we’re able to steer clear of common errors that frequently lead to rejected applications. We know what information needs to be submitted to ensure that the process moves along as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Are you ready to start selling under a GSA Schedule 51V? Contact Government Contract Services to get started!


At Capitol 50 Consultants Inc the team has specialized in helping businesses have successful relationships with the government for over 25 years. Looking for a hassle-free path to winning a government contract? We’ve got you covered.


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