The SINs of GSA

Your GSA contract gives you exclusive access to the federal opportunities posted there.  Well, at least the opportunities that fall under the SIN/SINs (Special Item Number) that you have on your specific contract.   What if you want to expand the contract opportunities you see (aka expand your profit potential)?  Then you need to consider adding new SINs to your contract!

What is a SIN?  A Special Item Number, referred to as a SIN, is a number that identifies products and services that GSA contract holders offer to government buyers on the GSA contract.  Recently, SINs have undergone a make-over.  Current SINs align with NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System).  If a SIN doesn’t exist for your product or service, it isn’t purchased through the GSA contract.

Why Are SINs Important to Contract Holders?  When an agency sends out a request for quotes for something they want to buy, they are required to reference a SIN number.  Only GSA contract holders with the referenced SIN on their contract will see these opportunities.  Some SINs are similar to each other.  For example: You hold the SIN for Advertising Services.  A buyer wants to spread the word on a new program for first time home buyers.  On the RFQ they send out, they reference the SIN for Public Relations.  This SIN is not on your contract – you won’t receive notice of this opportunity even though it’s totally what you do!  You only see opportunities that reference the specific SINs on YOUR GSA contract.

What Should EVERY GSA Contract Holder Do?  Every contract holder should regularly review their product and service offerings – over time, businesses change and expand.  Compare your current offering with the available GSA SINs to identify any potential omissions.  You may have some questionable SINs on your list – do they really fit?  Talking these over with a consultant experienced and knowledgeable with GSA and SINs can help you determine which SINs make sense.

How Do You Add SINs?  GSA has a formal process for adding new SINs to your GSA contract.  The process will be slightly different each time depending on the SINs you are adding, current GSA regulations and your Contracting Officer.  Every SIN you request to be added must be substantiated with current invoices or statements of work.  Every request must be reviewed and approved by your Contracting Officer.

For help determining if you are capturing all possible opportunities call the experts at Government Contracting Services, Inc. at (234)212-3400.    




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