GSA Schedule 23 V

Selling Cars, Trucks, and Emergency Vehicles With GSA Schedule 23 V

For businesses that sell vehicles, expanding their customer base is key to increasing their bottom line. Government contracts, a $460 billion dollar market, are an excellent way to branch out to new customers in search of cars, trucks, or various types of emergency vehicles. By using a GSA Schedule 23 V, organizations can see their vehicles placed in a sort of governmental automotive superstore, available for purchase from everyone from law enforcement to construction contractors. This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses who are working to get their brand and products out there.

What is a GSA Schedule 23 V?

For those who are new to GSA Schedules, the concept is simple. GSA Schedules refer to contracts that businesses make with the government in order to sell their services or products to various government agencies. A GSA Schedule 23 V is a specific type of contract that applies to a wide variety of motor vehicles and accessories.

What Vehicles and Products Are Eligible for GSA Schedule 23 V?

GSA Schedule 23 V covers many different categories of vehicles and parts. Fire trucks, law enforcement, special vocation, and aircraft ground support vehicles are all eligible. Also included are construction, snow maintenance, street repair, and forestry/land-clearing equipment. Vehicles used for services such as waste disposal and water transport are also covered under GSA Schedule 23 V. All parts, accessories, and attachments for covered vehicles is eligible under the contract, as well. Here’s an extensive list of vehicles and equipment eligible for GSA Schedule 23 V.

How Does GSA Schedule 23 V Work?

GSA Schedules help streamline the sales process both for buyers and sellers. They do this by requiring that all sellers be thoroughly vetted and all information be presented up front, enabling potential buyers to make a quick and easy decision. Through the GSA Schedule 23 V, the government will offer buyers the best prices via volume discount pricing. This benefits the seller by generating large-volume orders, as well as the buyer, who is able to get the lowest possible price on vehicles, equipment, and parts.

What Is the Application Process?

In order to apply for a GSA Schedule 23 V, a business must first prove the following:

  • It’s financially stable.
  • It’s been in existence for at least two years.
  • It provides products that are commercially available.
  • It’s compliant with the Trade Agreement Act.

Next, applicants must decide which schedule to apply for. It’s important to thoroughly research the eligibility rules for various schedules to ensure that products and services meet all requirements.

The application process is next. Keep in mind that some applications can run as long as 30 pages, so make sure your team has time to devote to fill out the application accurately and completely.

What Are Potential Pitfalls in the Application Process?

One aspect of the GSA Schedule rules that trip up many organizations is the requirement of TAA compliance. Many businesses don’t know whether or not the countries they work with or source materials from are TAA compliant. This can throw a wrench in the works of your application process. Any business directly sourcing products from Russia, China, and Indonesia, for example, will be denied GSA contracts.

Even the sourcing rules can be confusing, however, because an item that originates in China will be deemed TAA-acceptable as long as it has been “substantially transformed” in a TAA-approved country before arriving in the U.S.

Another factor that can be challenging when working to acquire a GSA Schedule 23V is navigating the GSA pricing policy. The GSA wants the lowest possible price from its vendors, which create a challenge in terms of making a profit.

Because the GSA Schedule 23 V application process can be confusing and time-consuming, relying on the experts on our GCS team can help streamline the process and making it more straightforward. We’ll use the information you provide to ensure that you’re eligible, applying for the correct schedule, and are compliant with all of the rules and regulations required for approval. We help make it easier for businesses to take advantage of programs such as the GSA Schedule 23 V, putting them on the fast-track to success.


At Capitol 50 Consultants Inc the team has specialized in helping businesses have successful relationships with the government for over 25 years. Looking for a hassle-free path to winning a government contract? We’ve got you covered.


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