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Schedule 70 is growing, growing, growing!

Since the introduction of the Cloud IT SIN (132 40) has proven to be a successful experiment in subdividing IT purchasing, the next step in that progression is to continue that particular mission. Health IT, which is just about anything IT related, especially related to Electronic Health Records, used in hospitals, by doctors, nurses and other professionals is going to get its own SIN on GSA.

Under the existing SINs, any health IT software or service would be categorized under 132 32 (term software), 132 33 (perpetual software), 132 40 (cloud services) or even 132 51 (IT Professional Services) but the expertise behind the selling of health IT software and services just isn’t enough to truly support GSA and its customers. By grouping all health IT together, GSA is providing agency customers with a pool of highly skilled, experts to help them best understand what they really need.

Schedule 70, as a whole, has been more successful than ever. With $14 billion dollars in annual sales channeling through the acquisition vehicle, buyers are urging the GSA to make its use as easy as possible for them! The new health IT services SIN, 132 56, will allow buyers to access the expertise that they need to make the best decisions all in one place.

The final solicitation, which will include the new SIN, is expected to be rolled out this month. Current IT 70 schedule holders should be on the lookout for Mass Mod notifications to incorporate the new SIN into their contracts.

If you’re looking for more information about the health IT SIN, check out the GSA Interact posting from earlier this year all about it! And if you want to learn more about the government’s use of health IT, browse through HealthIT.gov.


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