SAM Scams

We have seen many folks get taken advantage of by companies out there that send a barrage of emails regarding a company’s System for Award Management (SAM) account, stating that their entity is set to expire or that their account is not setup correctly and they cannot receive Federal Awards if it is not corrected. While the information they are sharing may be accurate, some of the time, the way it is presented is as if it is SAM reaching out regarding the entity.

When you receive an email stating as such, keep these things in mind:

  1. SAM is a free system and there is NEVER an instance where a company or user is required to pay a fee
  2. SAM only sends emails from a .gov email
  3. The renewal emails will be sent out at 60 and 30 days prior to expiration
  4. Small Business Profile the email is referring to being “not complete” is not a requirement

If you receive an email from a company stating any of the above, we would recommend verifying the information. Log into your SAM account and review your expiration date. While the small business profile is not a requirement, we do recommend completing it. First, again, verify if the information is accurate’ you can do so by searching your firm here. If you would like to be listed within the Dynamic Small Business (DSBS) tool, you may submit your information through SAM. The link to access is the very next screen after you submit a SAM renewal.

As always- if you have any questions, regarding SAM or anything government procurement, reach out to the Cap 50 team. We will do a free review of your SAM account or assist with your renewal at no charge. Our team is here to assist with those potentially stressful emails, not cause more stress.

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