GSA Issues RFQ to Create White House Technology Centers of Excellence


When we last reported about this story back in January, the Centers of Excellence (COE) was just starting to kick off. The COE has made a lot of progress since then and is headed in the right direction.

In March, five awards were made to work on the first phase, they were issued to

  •  SIE Consulting Group for Cloud Adoption;
  • McKinsey & Company, Inc. for IT Infrastructure Optimization;
  • ICF Incorporated, LLC for Customer Experience;
  •  Kaiser Associates, Inc. for Contact Center;
  • and ICF Incorporated, LLC for Service Delivery Analytics.

With these 5 awardees the GSA hopes to create a federal IT infrastructure that will make it easier for American people to interact with the government.

Phase II was put into motion at the beginning of August by issuing a solicitation to eBuy. The government chose from companies that were on the GSA It Schedule 70.

These opportunities are only available for GSA IT 70 Schedule holders. Once you have a GSA Contract, you will have access to these solicitations and others like them, through the GSA’s eBuy site. To obtain a GSA Contract you must have experience selling the product or service you are offering to the Government and be in business for at least two years; unless you qualify for the springboard program. For more information on how to get a GSA Contract, give our experts a call today!

We will post updates on this project as it progresses.

The General Services Administration is currently seeking staffing support for the White House’s proposed centers of excellence. The organization of the centers was discussed at an Industry day regarding the RFQ on December 14th, 2017, which was held by GSA’s Technology Transformation Service at the White House. An RFQ for the opportunity was released via GSA eBuy in December of 2017 and has a due date of January 8th of 2018. A contract can be awarded as early as the end of January, which includes one contract year with two one-year options. GSA plans to designate the Agriculture Department as the first client agency.

The Centers of Excellence (CoE) will revolve around cloud adoption, customer experience, IT infrastructure optimization, and service delivery analytics. The RFQ states, “The CoEs will work with customer agencies directly to identify their needs, recommend a solution, identify the best contract vehicle to procure support, and oversee implementation of the solution,”. CoE teams will be made up of personnel from winning vendors, the White House, and customer agencies.

The Customer Experience CoE plan to work with agencies to improve their engagement strategies with multi-stakeholder meetings and service design to create cross-channel experiences. The Service Delivery Analytics CoE will focus on measuring the improvement of outcomes for citizen engagement. Possible activities include interactive dashboards and integration and configuration of measurement instruments to track customer relationship management software, contact centers, and websites. The Contact Center CoE will work with experts to examine existing systems, processes, operations, data, and technologies to make recommendations for modernization.

It is expected to take approximately three months of work to make the CoEs operational. Progression will be tracked by the GSA using monthly reports. This would just be the first phase of the CoE initiative. A second phase relating to the planning process in the first phase will be bid out separately at a later date.

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