Changes to the MAS Program

The General Services Administration is attempting to make their MAS Schedules Program more attractive to buyers, as of October 1st of this year they are going back to their roots and consolidating their current 24 Schedules into one. If you are a VA contract holder, your contract will not be effected and will remain as is.

So what does this mean for you? Well, to answer that let’s dive into the phases that GSA has laid out so far.

Phase I- October 1st of 2019 the new solicitation will be released for all companies who would like to obtain a GSA Contract will do so under the new consolidated Schedule.

Phase II- This phase will begin on January 1st of 2020, and is for companies who currently hold a GSA Contract. It will be dependent on the company accepting the mass modification that will be released to begin phase II. This mass modification will include all of the terms and conditions of the new consolidated Schedule. Once your company has accepted the mass modification you will then be able to add SINs that were not previously open to you. For Example, if you currently hold a Schedule 84 contract but were interested in 23V for the specialty vehicles, once you accept the mass modification you will be able to add that SIN to your already established contract through the modification process.

Phase III- This phase will run from April 1st of 2020 through 2025, it will include consolidating those companies who have multiple GSA Contracts into one. It will also include a change in the SINs as we know them, they will not be more NAICS based. This will make it a lot easier for buyers to determine which category they should be purchasing under. There will also be an additional change for companies looking to obtain a GSA Contract, if you are already doing work with the Federal Government you will be able to use your CPARS past performance instead of having to obtain an Open Ratings Report.

With all of the changes coming in the next few months, we are walking companies through how this will affect your contracts.

For more information, subscribe to our blog for continued updates, but also take a look at the GSA’s training video.


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