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How to Apply for a Product Based GSA Schedule

Update: With the changes the GSA are making to the Schedule Program, we will see the process companies go through to obtain a GSA Contract change as well. GSA is going back to their roots and consolidating their current 24 Schedules into one. They are also going to be making changes to the SINs as we know them now. The new consolidated Schedule will be released on FBO.gov on October 1st of 2019. For more information check out the GSA’s Interact page FAQ’s, or subscribe to GCS’ blog for continued updates.

Getting on the GSA Schedule is a big commitment and can seem like an overwhelming process. Putting together the required documentation and providing all the right information takes a lot of time and effort. The best way to go about applying for a GSA Contract is to break it into steps. Putting together your offer step by step is the best way to stay organized and stay on track. Outsourcing to a third-party contract services company is also a good way to make the process easier and gives you more time to focus on commercial work.

GSA schedules are divided into Product based and Service based, each having a different application process. Out of the 33 GSA Schedule, 21 are product based. Below I will break down the steps on how to get on the GSA schedule for a product-based company.

The first step to selling to the government, even if you’re not applying for a GSA schedule, is a SAM.gov account. This is where all your company information is listed and how you receive your CAGE code. Creating a SAM.gov account is completely free!

We recommend the next two steps be done first since they tend to take the longest to complete, obtaining a digital certificate and Open Ratings Report. A digital certificate is required to submit modifications to the contract after award. An Open Ratings Report is a past performance evaluation that is required to show the GSA you are a reliable business.

Financials must be provided using a Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet from the past two full years. This also shows the GSA that you’ve been in business for at least 2 years. Pathways and the Readiness Assessment need to be completed to show you have done research on the schedule and SINs you are applying for.

Along with your GSA Contract award, if you qualify for a small business set aside this can benefit your company greatly. The Federal Government sets aside a certain dollar amount every year for these certified companies and can give an upper hand on competitors.

If you have questions on the process, reach out to our team today!


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