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Is a GSA contract the same thing as a GSA schedule?

Looking for a GSA contract? GSA Schedules can go by a variety of different titles, but they all refer to the same thing. Here’s some of the other names you may see:

  • GSA Approved
  • GSA List
  • GSA Number
  • GSA Schedules Program
  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program (MAS)
  • Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)
  • Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)


What common errors cause GSA schedule applications to be rejected?

The reward from obtaining a GSA Schedule can make a huge impact on your company, but the application involves a laundry list of steps to reach the finish line. Red tape surrounds the entire process and it doesn’t take much to have everything fall through. Some common mistakes that can lead to a rejected proposal are:

  • Including a wrong form or are missing a form in your proposal
  • Sending in your responses a day late for one or more of the three GSA application review phases
  • Submitting your application under the wrong schedule number
  • Submitting your application based on a previous version of your desired schedule, (these are updated a few times each year)

Resubmitted applications go to the end of the line, so it could take several months to an entire year of waiting for the GSA to review your corrected application. Our advice: do not tackle this process alone. These mistakes are easily avoided by working with our team because we make sure everything is up to date and completed correctly the first time.


How much paperwork should I expect when applying for a GSA Schedule?

On average, you can expect 20 to 30 pages of paperwork with your application. However, some schedules involve a lot more. Each page typically has 10 questions or items that you’ll be required to respond to. That means you’ll be expected to provide around 200 to 300 pieces of information for your application.

The GSA requires this enormous amount of paperwork in order to properly vet suppliers so the government is sure that they’re fully qualified. Unfortunately, this means a great deal of work on your end. Choosing to work with Government Contract Services takes a huge load off your back. Our team can complete a majority of the paperwork, leaving around 6 to 10 pages in your care. With our experienced team taking control of the bulk of difficult work, your chances of having your application accepted increase dramatically.


How much time does it take to complete a GSA Schedule application?

Completing a successful GSA Schedule application includes going through these three steps:

  • Preparing and submitting the application
  • Answering questions from the GSA after they review your application
  • Negotiating the terms of your Schedule agreement

The first two steps will take up the most of your team’s time. Without expert assistance, completing the application can take as much as 70 hours. Especially if you’re doing this for the first time, deciphering government language and answering questions can take up more of your time than you’re willing to give.

Having Government Contract Services work with you to submit your application can cut down the time it takes to fill everything out and answer questions to just 10 to 18 hours. Forget about losing valuable time spent on business to a labor intensive application. Working with our team of experts ensures that the process goes smoothly and it doesn’t waste your time.


Are there compliance hazards you should avoid with a GSA Schedule Contract?

After you’re awarded a GSA Schedule Contract, the work doesn’t end. There are several pitfalls you should stay away from:

  • Significantly under reporting a sales figure
  • Submitting your System for Award Management (SAM) after the due date
  • Administering your contract on a “DIY” basis

Making these mistakes can result in a fine or even having your GSA Schedule Contract canceled. Don’t take the risk of navigating this process alone. Working with us means you’ll have a team of experts who know what common hazards are and how to avoid them.


What are the consequences for submitting a GSA Schedule Contract modification that contains an error or an omission?

Typically you’ll make one modification a year, and an average modification package of 6 to 7 documents can include 10 to 30 pages. With so much information, it’s easy for things to go wrong.

Government contracting officers are strict, and a minor mistake can cause your modification to be rejected. It’s common for modifications to be submitted 2 to 3 times before they’re finally approved, and there is usually a three-week delay before they’re even reviewed.

Working with Government Contract Services ensures that the process is efficient and quick. Our team will do most of the work for you and save months of time that could be lost to delays.


What needs to be done to find bid opportunities for my business?

The government publishes all their bid opportunities online, and finding the right ones for your business is a time-consuming process. There are at least ten different websites that need to be scanned daily in order to seize the most opportunities, and each site has its own registration process in order to act on bids. You have to know which bids are the best for your company, and a lot of research goes into figuring that out.

Doing all this before the submission deadline is a challenge. Our team will do all the hard work for you. We’ll help you determine the best bid opportunities and develop strategies so you can have a better chance of securing your contract award.


How can I make sure my bid is competitive?

Just like everything else involved with a GSA Schedule Contract, winning a bid isn’t easy. There are most likely hundreds of companies in the same contract as you, and anywhere from 3 to 25 after the same bid, so setting your price is critical.

If your price is too high, you’ll likely lose. A competitive pricing analysis is the best way to set the right price, but many businesses don’t know how to approach it. That’s where our team comes in. We’ll perform the analysis for you and tell you the optimal price to raise your chances of winning.


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